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Case Study 02

Compelling Design Makes a Difference


ASSIGNMENT  |  Amplify the impact of their magazine

THE WHY  |  Transform the lives of inner-city youths

OBJECTIVE  |  Expand donor base and increase contributions

RESULTS  |  Positive and measurable influence on donors

Street2Street is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to help at-risk kids reach their highest potential through sporting events, mentoring and personal development. A critical component of their community outreach, the magazine, needed to connect more deeply with their existing and potential donor base.

Symmetre was brought in to elevate the emotional impact of the magazine, evoking a call to action that would transform the recipients from a passive to an active donor base.

The results surpassed even the most ambitious aspirations.

Listen as Street2Street’s President, Woody Woodfin, describes how Symmetre’s magazine design transformed one skeptic into multiple donors!

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