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Case Study 03

Getting All the Ducks in a Row


ASSIGNMENT  |  Unify Athletic Department’s branding

THE WHY  |  To galvanize and amplify school pride

OBJECTIVE  |  Create coordinated uniform and equipment logos across multiple sports

RESULTS  |  All uniforms finally reflect the unity of the athletics program as intended

Over time, each sports team at Newark Academy had co-opted their own unique lettering design on uniforms and equipment leading to weak branding across their athletics program. Newark Academy’s Athletic Director recognized that a coordinated design would result in amplification of school pride. Symmetre proposed several modular designs that could accommodate the mascot name – Minutemen – along with a specific sport. Once a design was selected, 26 versions were created – with and without the Minuteman mascot logo – also designed by Symmetre. Now, the uniforms and equipment of every sport offered feature coordinated logos, exemplifying unity not only in athletics, but also within the student body itself.

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